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Intro to Motion

Fall term, 2015 I am resurrecting a motion course for Portland State: ART 345. These are graphics for the course now up on facebook, twitter, and in other places.

The course introduces students to working in time-based media, different narrative structures, and emphasizes typography.

Perceptual Self-Portraits, Cont…

A continuation of painting pain, part of a larger, transformative series. See more here and here.


In Chicago to present at the 2015 International LearnxDesign Conference.

Photos taken in Chicago proper, a continuation of the cities project. Chicago and I have yet to reach an agreement.


Conference paper, presentation for the 2015 International LearnxDesign Conference. LxD is dedicated to K-16 design education and research.

The case studies centered around Design Thinking to augment self-awareness. The paper itself is available through conference proceedings and the PSU library.