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Perceptual Self-Portraits, Cont…

A continuation of painting pain, part of a larger, transformative series. See more here and here.


In Chicago to present at the 2015 International LearnxDesign Conference.

Photos taken in Chicago proper, a continuation of the cities project. Chicago and I have yet to reach an agreement.


Conference paper, presentation for the 2015 International LearnxDesign Conference. LxD is dedicated to K-16 design education and research.

The case studies centered around Design Thinking to augment self-awareness. The paper itself is available through conference proceedings and the PSU library.

Pinocchio (sic)

In an unscheduled interruption to making work centered around landformations, this year is predominantly focused on the figurative. Sometimes, life gets in the way. All artists must ask the question, for whom do they make the work? Well, I make the work for me. And in doing so, it evolves and moves and transforms as I do.