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In an unscheduled interruption to making work centered around landformations, this year is predominantly focused on the figurative. Sometimes, life gets in the way. All artists must ask the question, for whom do they make the work? Well, I make the work for me. And in doing so, it evolves and moves and transforms as I do.

2015 UCDA Education Summit

Presentation on design thinking and self-awareness for the 2015 UCDA Education Summit at South Dakota State University.

Conference proceedings and papers will be published in June, and added here then.


Presentation at the Portland chapter of the Society for Experiential Graphic Design.

The xChange at PNCA on May 12, 2015.

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Perceptual Self-Portraits

(Watching transformations happen.)

There are two key themes present within this series of work: the gap between perception and external reality; activation of areas of the brain unencumbered by language

Brain Basics, NIH
The Dalai Lama and Richard Davidson

Exhibited at the Las Vegas Contemporary Art Center
April 6-30, 2015