tracking how one thing leads to another  |  [ the work of meredith james (formerly meredith lynn morrison) ]  |  © 2014.


Images taken around Portland.

Thomas More

Work up at Thomas More, the Eva G. Farris Gallery in Crestview Hills, Kentucky from March 21 – April 11, 2014.

“…[These works are] living, breathing, ambitious and purposeful beings that need an audience. They use typography, image, illustration and symbol, whose creation, manipulation and arrangement result in visual meaning, some of it clear, some highly coded…Although categorized as graphic design, a fundamentally commercial endeavor, these works inhabit the gallery as art: beautiful, thought-provoking, crafted artifacts.”

Thomas More
Other pieces shown recently

Eat Well, [Drink Water]

A small effort to persuade my students to introduce balance into their lives.

I <3 New York

Work delivered to N. Sternberg, now in private collection.

This piece uses an illustration-style aesthetic, with flat colors and flat paint. The emphasis is on the line quality. The scale is also of particular note (reaching 4′ x 6′).

All of my pieces are intended for the domestic space. They are meant to be lived with, contemplated at over long periods of time. Please email me if you would like a piece created for you.